Do Victims Fear Legal Risks?

Do Victims Fear Legal Risks?


We cannot give you legal advice. We can ONLY share our opinion.

We are told that many victims are afraid to report their scammers for many reasons.


  • Victims Fear that they engaged in an illegal activity
  • Victims Fear that the scammer will retaliate using information they shared with the scammer
  • Victims Fear that they are in physical danger from the scammer

Well …

Let’s address the common sense approach to each of these.


All scams are illegal. Scammers lure you in with the promise of something you want. Romance or Profit. Sending money to a scammer could be considered money laundering. However, law enforcement is just not interested in you. So stop worrying, they want the BIG FISH, that means they want the scammers, not victims.

IN fact, you probably get a tax break because of casualty loss (the money you lost to crime).

In our experience of over 20+ years, no victim has ever been prosecuted over money they sent to a scammer.


This is a real risk, depending upon what the scammer knows. In fact BLACKMAIL SCAMS happen all the time as a second step in the Romance Scammers process.

So ask yourself what can the scammer do?

If you have them blocked from your social media, they don’t have access to your friends. Maybe they know where you work? Can they send emails and make embarrassing posts?

Yes they can.

But are you going to let them get away with it?

Your greatest risk is that they use YOUR PHOTOS and your identity in their scams. Are you OK with that?


Scammers are trapped in their countries generally. They can’t do anything to you if you live in the U.S. or Canada.

Yes they have friends that may live around the world, but scammers are generally cowards, and enjoy their isolation in Africa or Asia immune from most law enforcement. The minute a scammer extends their reach beyond their own country the wrath of god will come down on them by our national authorities.

This risk is so extremely low as to be almost non-existent.

Some scammers say they will file a law suit against you if your report them. Let them do it! It’s all bluff – no one outside of your country has standing in your courts, plus YOU would be able to present all that wonderful information that you collected about the scam in the process – plus they would have to physically travel to your country, and you can have them arrested the minute they land!


Scammers are bullies. They understand victimology and how to get what they want – your money and your silence.

They depend upon the freedom to do what they want. However, they also play the numbers. They just don’t have the time needed to enforce any of they pitiful threats. They need to stay focused on the next victim and the ones after that.

They will loop around with older victims to see if you will be dumb enough to send them more money, but that’s about it.

Of course we are talking about scammers in Asia and Africa. Russian scammers are different, and you will need to be more careful with them.

If you don’t report these scammers YOU ARE LETTING THEM WIN.

How many old Western Movies were about the bad guys holding the town in fear, and one person making a stand for the community?

Each of us is RESPONSIBLE for allowing scammers to get away with it.





We live in a world with the RULE OF LAW at the center of our civilization, but each person has a personal stake in upholding that when the authorities are unable to do what it takes!

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