Where Do Scammers Scam Scam Victims? – SCARS™ Special Report

SCARS™ Special Report: Where Do Scammers Scam Scam Victims? We Are Asked Every Single Day If Scammers Scam On This Social Media Or That One! While This list may not be complete these are ALL places where scammers scam on Social Media. In other words, everywhere! If you belong or have an account on any of these - then you are a target. We recommend that you close all social media accounts that you do [...]

Another Scammer Internet Cafe In Ghana

Last Updated on September 6, 2020 by SCARS Editorial Team

This Is Where Scammers Work Internet Cafes in Accra Ghana are where the Dating ScammersDating scammers Dating scammers or love scammers create fake identities on dating apps and social media to coax you into fake online relationships. They often quickly move to personal channels such as phone or email, using your trust to acquire money or personal [...]