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SCARS|RSN™ Special Report: Where Do Scammers Scam Scam Victims?

We Are Asked Every Single Day If Scammers Scam On This Social Media Or That One!

While This list may not be complete these are ALL places where scammers scam on Social Media. In other words, everywhere!

If you belong or have an account on any of these – then you are a target.

We recommend that you close all social media accounts that you do not depend on. Especially if you joined one (such as Google Hangouts) just for the purposes of talking to a scammer!

List Of Scammer Filled Social Media


NameDescription/focusDate launchedRegistered users
About.meSocial networking siteOctober 20095,000,000
Academia.eduSocial networking site for academics/researchersSeptember 200818,000,000
AsianAvenueA social network for the Asian American community1997
aSmallWorldEuropean jet set and social elite worldwideMarch 2004550,000
AthlinksRunning, swimming2001139,458
Audimated.comIndependent music2010
BeboGeneralJuly 2005117,000,000
Biip.noNorwegian community1 June 2005430,000
BlackPlanetBlack Americans1 September 199920,000,000
BusuuLanguage learning community (headquartered in Madrid, Spain)16 May 200812,000,000