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What Is Big Data? – SCARS™ Guide

SCARS™ Guide: What Is Big Data? Big Data - Big Scams Databases If the pile of manure is big enough, you will find a gold coin in it eventually. This saying is used often to explain why anyone would use big data. Needless to say, in this day and age, the piles of data are so big, you might end up finding a pirate’s treasure. In our case we look for scammers - the real scammers [...]

Requests For Removal Of Scammer Reports

Requests For Removal Of Scammer Reports We recently had a victim request that we remove a Scammer Report from our website. Of course, we have no direct knowledge if the person was a scammer or not. He was reported under the victim's name (by the victim), though now the victim says it was her son that reported the scammer - her son is an adult. Confusing! Scamming Insight: As many of you know, when you [...]