Requests For Removal Of Scammer Reports

We recently had a victim request that we remove a Scammer Report from our website.

Of course, we have no direct knowledge if the person was a scammer or not.

He was reported under the victim’s name (by the victim), though now the victim says it was her son that reported the scammer – her son is an adult. Confusing!

Scamming Insight:

As many of you know, when you are in the middle of the scam it is incomprehensible that the person you are in love with is a scammer. Most would defend them against family and friends. Because to admit that is to destroy the fantasy bubble you live within.

Take Them Down!

We receive requests monthly from victims asking to take the reports down – they believe him/her. They even lie and tell us they knew this person in some elaborate way. In some cases they threaten us with litigation, even bomb threats or threats of violence (these come from men always).

Many times victims that make reports are threatened by the scammer too, to have it removed.

It is truly sad that they can’t be reached (made to understand), or that we have to go through the considerable time and cost to address this.

So we are going to share this chain of communications with you as both a learning lesson and because of the hope that this will trigger a glimmer of truth in the mind of other victims.

To avoid litigation and to adhere with our Code of Conduct, we are withholding the names, Though this scammer has been reported elsewhere and those reports remain.

Here Is The Original Report Provided By The Victim:

This person will say things that his not a player, scammer and doesn’t want your money. After a few weeks of smooth talking he will start working on your vulnerabilities that his having financial difficulties due to some business setbacks.

This person will only speak on skype or facetime. He does speak to you on camera. He hardly texts and never emails.

From The Scammer’s Dating Profile Text:

“‘About me
I try to embrace life, enjoy sharing a laugh I like to Learn something new, I’m well read, well traveled, close to friends and family, I’m passionate & have a great sense of humor. I truly believe laughter is healing. I’m also a great cook and a good listener.. Requests For Removal Of Scammer Reports 2

About my match / friend
When it comes to dating, I honestly can’t say that I know what I am looking for in a relationship. I just know that I will enjoy being in the company of a nice girl that makes me laugh (I definitely will make you laugh), you are smart and don’t take yourself too seriously. You have an Inquisitive mind and some interest in living a healthy lifestyle. You are generally a person with some depth, you have consideration for animals, planet, humanity and have a positive attitude (for the most part). After that I think it is a simple matter of chemistry between two people.”

The Request To Remove The Report By The Victim


I was wondering how I go about removing a scam report?

My son has entered details on your site believing that I was being scammed. This is not the case and is now causing a rift in my friendship with the individual…

The details entered on the individual is Mr William Munonye…

Could you please let me know what you require from me to have the details removed?

Thank You!

Our Initial Response

Please provide us with more details before we make a determination about this.

It is common for family to make the report and the victim, who refuses to believe they are being scammed to request it’s removal.

Should we assume the individual in question is an African? And that you have never met him in person? And that he has requested or you have sent money to him? But he is completely honest, correct?

The Victim’s Reply

Yes! Nigerian born and raised in NYC now living in South Africa…

Yes we have met in person… I met William 5yrs ago in person and then we lost contact and found each other again on the dating site… We have met up again since we started communicating via the dating site…

No I sent him money as I owed him money… No other money has been sent since the 2 transactions mentioned on your site…

Yes… The details you have are his true details… They are his personal/business cellular number, his home address… Etc; every detail is true and correct…

Our Thoughts

This is a victim in total denial. She cannot believe this man she has met and fallen in love with can be anything but the fantasy she believes.

Of course, the only details we have is the email because that is all she has, the rest is by skype. Even the money transfer doesn’t require real identity or address. Just a phone number and a town – in this case, South Africa.

Our Final Reply To The Victim

First, you need to understand that we take reports made by victims and their families very seriously, Online fraud costs the citizens of the world over $35billion a year.

When your “son” made the report, he was acting as a responsible person pointing out a crime as he saw it.

Since the matter has already been referred to both U.S. law enforcement and South African law enforcement for investigation, we will allow them to make their own determination in their own way.

It is very common for victims to be untruthful in such a situation as this, people lie all the time when using money transfer services. Did you know that when you falsify information on a money transfer document that is money laundering, and a Federal crime?

The words he used, as reported by your son are hardly those of someone that “knows” you. We have every reason to believe you are defending this scammer. It happens all too often.

However, we will remove the report from our website. We can make no other promises. Most other organizations would refuse to do even that.

We do see that others have reported him elsewhere, and that seems curious if he is honest as you protest.

In Summary

We share this, not to put down a victim, but to demonstrate the grip that scammers hold over victims.

The FACT is we have never had a valid request for removal of a report. Meaning they were always related to remorse after filing a report. In not one case over the years has anyone provided any proof to support a claim of honesty or a true mistake.

However, the exception is the fake reports that we have been receiving as retaliation against victims. But we are addressing this though tighter security, but it is taking time to make sure we have them all cleared out of our database, and all of our recipients properly notified.

In addition, what we have received are a couple (and surprisingly it is only 2 or 3) malicious reports by ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, online dates.

In the case of the victims though they will lie to your face, just as they lie to their family. These are typically the ones that lose the really large amounts of money.

Regardless, this is tragic. We hope you can use this to improve your own understanding and if you have engaged in this to apologize to those you may have lied to. If you know people like this, this may give you some insight into the madness that falls over them.

To Request A Report Removal

As a result of some of these, we have instituted a legally compliant process to allow people that report falsely to request the removal of these reports. We do this for our own protection and to reduce liability.

We take false reports very seriously since this is the equivalent of filing a false police report – which is a crime.

To request the removal of a scammer report visit this page

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