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A Comment About ReportingFrom the Romance Scams Now TeamAs we have said many times, you have to be thorough and meticulous in the information that you report. Report everything you can get, and if you don't have much, keep the scammer engaged until you have everything possible: recipient's names, phone numbers, emails, address, everything you can get.But reporting is just the start!Why? Because in some of these countries the local police will not believe you. [...]

Scam Victims Still Do Not Report

Scam Victims Still Do Not Report One of the leading causes of governmental disinterest worldwide in Romance Scams is the simple fact that only a small percentage of these crimes are reported. Only 3% Report Their Scams As long as this remains true, governments will prioritize their resources where they see there is the greatest need! The average victim find reporting to either be embarrassing, tedious or a waste of time. Yet it [...]