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RSN™ Editorial: A Week Of Insanity

RSN™ Editorial: A Week Of Insanity We believe there is a war going on between the side that wants fairness in our public media, and the socialists that want AN "ANYTHING GOES" witch hunt on every topic and no law enforcement and for everyone to be a victim. Do You Think That Is Too Far-Fetched? Consider, that during the entirety of the Obama administration they made almost no effort to control online crime. They, in [...]


Support Candidates Against Romance Scams We want to warn you in advance if you are easily offended by political discussions. We are a strong advocate for selecting candidates that will uphold the law and be tough on online criminals, scammers, and fraudsters. While we have not endorsed any candidates, we will suggest those that have positions to help reduce or eliminate online fraud. If you are a victim of an online scam then you should [...]