SCARS™ Commentary: Defamatory Attack On SCARS

SCARS™ Commentary: Defamatory Attack On SCARS Every So Often A Fake Anti-Scam Group, Which Is Really Just Someone Hiding In Their Kitchen Decides That Are Going To Attack Our Organization This is called the "Tall Poppy Syndrome" (as the Australians say) In typical fashion another pretender fake amateur anti-scam Facebook page has gone after the SCARS Chairman directly in an attempt to aggrandize themselves.. We will not mention them by name, suffice to say they [...]


RSN ANTI-SCAM WARNING / COBALT ALERT - IMMEDIATE THREAT We have observed what appears to be a FAKE SCAM REFUND PAGE THIS IS NOT A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL - IT IS A SCAMMER'S PAGE THIS IS A RECOVERY SCAM HERE IS THE LINK TO THE FAKE PAGE: Military Romance Scam - BEWARE: Scammers Set Up Fake Recover Pages to scam you again. People who are desperate to recover their money frequently are willing to pay someone [...]