Real Victims’ Assistance – SCARS™ Recovery & Support [Infographic]

SCARS™ Recovery & Support: Real Victims' Assistance [Infographic] Scam Victims Pass Through Stages On Their Way To Healing And Recovery But Are Easily Held Back By Bad Support THE ROMANCE SCAM VICTIM FUNNEL EFFECT The Romance Scam Victim Funnel Effect - Infographic Poster About Most Anti-Scam Groups Most anti-scam groups are complete amateurs or fakes that offer no real help! They feed off of romance scam victims' fear and anger. Forcing an endless [...]

Are We Real?

A HATER JUST CALLED US FAKE! Our Official Response Unlike incompetent scam haters this or captain that or police team group something else, RSN's Team has been working against scammers for 27 years - since 1991 - starting on the old AOL. Our first webpage was published on in 1995 (yes our founder was also a co-founder of TigerDirect in 1985), then was spun out as a separate website in 1998 - with the RSN brand [...]

Amateur Facebook Anti-Scammers – SCARS™ Editorial

SCARS™ Editorial: Amateur Facebook Anti-Scammers WARNING: SO-CALLED REPORT SCAMMER PAGES/GROUPS ON FACEBOOK [lwptoc]   It Seems Like ... It seems like every minute someone creates another Facebook page or starts a group on Facebook about scammers. At least 5 were created just this morning! They all claim to be instant experts. Many claim that THEY are the place to report scams. Some even claim they offer mental health services such as Counseling that REQUIRE actual [...]