Deal With Reality

Guys, Why Is It So Hard?Why is it so hard to accept the simple fact that American, Canadian, and European Porn Stars don't live in Ghana (or Nigeria, or anywhere else in Africa) and are scamming you!We have documented countless times that African Scammers (and Africans elsewhere) are stealing the women's photos.You are not talking with them, or seeing them in videos. IT IS A SCAM! And you are falling for it.Simply take our [...]

Letting Go & Doing Something About It

You Need To Let Go A touch of "tough love" from Romance Scams Now A victim recently corresponded with us about how he was scammed over a 6 month period by a Ghana scammer known as "GIFTY." If you have read our website, you would know that anyone in Ghana named "Gifty" should be assumed to be a scammer. What is always tragic is how hard it is to accept the fact that it was [...]