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Guys, Why Is It So Hard?

Why is it so hard to accept the simple fact that American, Canadian, and European Porn Stars don’t live in Ghana (or Nigeria, or anywhere else in Africa) and are scamming you!

We have documented countless times that African Scammers (and Africans elsewhere) are stealing the women’s photos.

You are not talking with them, or seeing them in videos. IT IS A SCAM! And you are falling for it.

Simply take our word for it that their photos & videos have been stolen, copied, and reused along with their identity, and are being used by scammers.

You connected with a fraudster, and regardless of how you feel, you were being used.

You need to understand this and accept it.

Also the porn stars do not want to hear from you about it, they already know. Many of them have already litigated against dating sites over it already.

We are sorry for the tough words, but stop trying to convince everyone that Briana Lee, or Janesa Brazil, or others live in Africa – they don’t.

Your connection with these scammers hurts, we know, but stop being dumb and understand what has happened.

Understand how scamming works, and move on for your own wellbeing.

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