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SCARS™ Analysis: Breakdown Of Scammers 2018

SCARS™ Analysis: Breakdown Of Scammers 2018 SCARS Analytics performed an analysis of over 23,000 scam reports compiled from January 2018 through July 2018. The purpose of the analysis was to better understand how scammers are organizing and if there is a shift taking place from one type of organization to another. As we have seen during 2018 there are and have been a significant number of scamming groups shut down with nearly 6,000 arrests just [...]

Professionalism In Nigerian Scammers

The Level Of Professionalism In Nigerian Scammers Today Do You Want To See The Way Scammers Work Today? They work in office buildings, with parking garages. They have lunchrooms. They have health benefits. They have recruiters and HR departments. They commute to work! They have financial couriers that fly to Malaysia and Hong Kong constantly to do their banking, The independent scammers are the ones that get arrested. The Yahoo Boys are just street thugs [...]