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SCARS™ Special Report: Being An Internet Troll Can Send You To Jail!

Being An Internet Troll Can Send You To Jail! HARASSMENT & HATE ONLINE IS A CRIME In The United States Being An Online Hater, Troll Or Bully Is A Violation Of U.S. Federal Law. It is important to understand this as many people believe they can get away with anything online and especially on Facebook. Being An Internet Troll Can Send You To Jail! Under United States Law - Title 18 U.S. Code § 2261A [...]

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Thank You For Making Us The Leader!Romance Scams Now™ Has Become The World's Leading Anti-Scammer WebsiteWith 10,000 visitors daily and nearly 4,000,000 visitors a year!Our mission is to disrupt scamming around the world, and deny scammers the money they have stolen.So Thank YOU to all of our visitors here and at our unique social media pages and accounts!We promise to move heaven and earth to chase scammers wherever they hide! But we need your help. We [...]


Welcome to the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams Romance Scams Now is a part of our organization. To tell you all a little bit about SCARS - we are a non-profit corporation domiciled in the United States. We are what is characterized as a Non-Governmental Organization - an NGO. We were founded in 2015 (though RSN has its origin in 1991). We provide: Anti-Scam Advocacy Government Policy Development Cybercriminal Reporting Network - the SCARS [...]