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The Culture Of Scamming

Category: Culture Of Scamming

Black Axe – An Overview

Black Axe - An Overview The Black Axe Is A Nigerian Originated Worldwide Organized Crime Syndicate How Scams Work - A SCARS Insight Black Axe: [...]

RSN™ Insights: Art & Life In Nigeria

RSN™ Insights: Art & Life In Nigeria Commentary by Nigerian Artist named "Jekein" This is from a post on Facebook by a Nigerian Artist named "Jekein" Nigerian Artist Jekein Stands [...]

Professionalism In Nigerian Scammers

The Level Of Professionalism In Nigerian Scammers Today Do You Want To See The Way Scammers Work Today? They work in office buildings, with parking garages. They have lunchrooms. They [...]

Yahoo Boy Killed His Friend

How A Yahoo Boy Killed His Friend For Refusing To Settle Up After “Client” (Victim) Paid Into Foreign Account   From: as written   26-year-old Murtala Babatunde, and 18-year-old [...]

RSN™ Guide: Knowing Your Enemy

RSN™ Guide: Knowing Your Enemy In order to effectively fight an enemy, you have to understand them. We monitor the media in Western Africa for these insights - how scammers [...]

Yahoo Messenger Shuts Down

Yahoo Messenger Shuts Down Gone after 2 decades! It will be remembered for its role in Nigeria’s Internet culture! Oath Inc. has announced that it is shutting down Yahoo Messenger [...]


DEFINITION: YORUBA DEMON #YorubaDemon A Yoruba demon is typically a young man of Yoruba descent who has the uncanny gift to effortlessly make ladies fall head over heels in love [...]

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