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RSN™ Special Report: Yahoo Boys Quotes

We are not sure we could be more disgusted, but here is a collection of recent quotes about Yahoo Boys we decided to share!


This Is What Nigeria Is Saying About Them. Is There Any Wonder Why Their Police Care Nothing About Their Crimes?

“Everybody in Nigeria knows Yahoo boys who they are, what they do, and what they are famous for. Some praise them, some distaste their activities. The only thing that stays unchanged is the fact that they have become extremely popular and that everyone speaks about how wealthy they are.”

“Who are these Yahoo boys in Nigeria? From the point of view of the Nigerian laws, the so-called Yahoo boys are the ones who commit a crime that’s classified as the 419 fraud. This is a sort of swindle when a lawyer offers a significant amount of money for a minor up-front deal.”

“Since the beginning of the 2000’s, Nigerian people have received the access to the Internet. This has led to the appearance of these Yahoo boys and the growth of the Internet swindle. No matter how illegal, this tendency has quickly become extremely popular among young people in Nigeria. Strange as it is, the Yahoo boys have soon become respectable people in the society.
Why be a Yahoo boy?”

“You would ask, what’s the reason for being a Yahoo boy in Nigeria? Well, the point is that it allows them to earn plenty of money compared to honest working in truly no time. Even if you ask the Internet about the Yahoo boys, you will see that young people are searching for guidelines to become one of these swindlers.”

“Young people keep on repeating characteristic sayings that are the property of these Yahoo scammers. Young people are asking for a piece of advice on how to grab the money quickly and easily, just like the Yahoo guys. What’s more, women tend to fall for them, their money and the atmosphere of mystery and romance that surrounds their activities.”

“The Internet swindle allows purchasing expensive cars, bling, clothes, and even houses. For hundreds or even thousands of people, this sort of online swindle has become the only source of income and the only way to make ends meet.”

“It has already been said above that the Yahoo boys have their own sayings that are characteristic for their circle. These sayings are one of the means that help to detect them among your relations. Give attention to your friends in case you hear them say something like: I would rather meet papa God than go broke. These are phrases that show how concentrated they are on the incomes and the ways to collect them. Indeed, the wealth is the only focus they have.”