Dealing With ScamsYou Are Probably Here Because You Connected With A Scammer

Once you have been through this, you are left with many : , , , .

Ironically, these may be tools you can use to not only get over being a victim, but to improve you overall life.

The publisher of this website is a member of TED, and has found a few TED videos that can be useful in understanding the SHAME that comes from being a victim of scam.  Even if you never sent the scammers money, the fact that they pulled you into their lie has probably left you vulnerable.

In the months to come, we will connect with support teams, groups, and advice that you will hopefully find useful in getting over the scam that you fell for.

We strongly suggest that you watch the following video – Yes ALL OF YOU!

You may not think this applies to you, but watch it anyway. Wisdom is sometimes gained at the end of learning, not at the beginning or midway.

Wisdom is gained at the end of learning a lesson, not at the beginning or midway.

We hope this gives you an insight, and we will find others to present to you here.