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SCARS™ Psychology of Scams: The Face In The Photo Is NOT Responsible

Many Times After A Scam, Victims Are Unable To Accept That The Person In The Photo Is Not The Real Scammer!

Today we received a complaint from a romance scam victim who blamed a person who had his photos stolen by scammers. Her argument was that HE HAD A RESPONSIBILITY to explain himself to those who lost money. She even believes he was the real scammer, or at least working with the scammers – giving out his photos for a piece of the winnings!

What nonsense is this?

The person in the photo is every bit as much of a victim as the person that sent money to a scammer. However, some victims let their irrational anger completely block their common sense.

This is such a case.

We are sharing this, not to blame this victim, but to illustrate the flawed decision making that happens to some victims after a scam. While this victim appears unable to address the real situation, we hope this will help others correct their thinking as it applies to those who had their identity stolen and were impersonated. They are victims too!

Here Is A Portion Of The Chat Transcript:

FROM THE VICTIM: Ive had so many people contact me through the identity of Dr steve Gregory jones for five years now and they won’t leave me alone every day of my life

FROM THE VICTIM: Ive even been to the police about this situation myself but they haven’t done anything about this situation im in now


SHE REPLIED: Thank you but I really think the real person himself Dr Steve Gregory jones should face the people who have been hurt and lost their money over this situation

  • OUR REPLY: Why is that? How is he responsible for what scammers do with his photo? That is like saying a real manufacturer is responsible for what happens to someone who buys a “knock-off” product!

HER NEXT REPLY: He has the responsibility to face the people who has lost all there life saving money and one person who lost her husband over this he end up killing himself over this situation.

  • IT WAS AT THIS POINT that we advised her that she was defaming a real person who was also a victim, and that we would be unable to help her further.

This person firmly believes that the person in the photo is the real scammer.

Over the last few days, we have published articles about victims living in denial. This is another form of denial – the delusion that the face in the photo is responsible – that it was that person that harmed them, when in fact it was not.

This is a dangerous form of obsessive delusion that can lead to more serious mental illness. We strongly recommend that people in this state seek competent psychological professionals to help them.

Sadly we cannot help such people since we do not provide mental health counseling services – and no one on Facebook does legally either.

However, it points out the fact that you must be very cautious about your mental state following a romance scam. The trauma can be severe and depending on your personality can cause deep psychological issues for you that only professional help can resolve.

Always take a look at your own assumptions and see if they make sense before you move from one set of bad decisions to another.



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