SCARS™ Special Report: Fake Pages – Trojan Pages

SCARS™ Special Report: Fake Pages – Trojan Pages

We all know the story of a Trojan Horse, right? We have heard about Trojan computer viruses too!



Simply it is a page that looks completely real. That is, it looks real unless you look close.

Sometimes you have to be a subject matter expert to see that a page (or even a website) is not quite right!
Most of the time, a TROJAN PAGE has a large amount of content or posts. It can be well written, and the posts make sense because they are all thematic – about a specific subject. You would not suspect it at first glance.

The same could be said about your scammer too right?

But that is the idea – to lull you into a sense of overconfidence – just like your scam!

Remember your romance scam? At first glance, you would think it was a real person too right? But you (most of you) have learned that first glances can be deceiving – or at least you should have learned that.

What is a TROJAN PAGE for?

It depends on the context.

  • We know the Russians create fake political pages and use them as weapons to affect political opinions and election outcomes everywhere in the world.
  • Advertisers use fake TROJAN PAGES as a kind of clickbait – using social engineering to pull unsuspecting consumers to products or services – some real some not real.
  • You have all seen articles for “The 10 Most Shocking Truths About Childhood Piercings” or something equally outrageous.
  • We also know that scammers create fake pages for the purpose of harvesting victims who seek knowledge about scams, so they can victimize them again!

There are TROJAN PAGES or FAKE PAGES for virtually every subject.

The intent behind these pages is not always clear, but there is always a reason.

Top Reasons For Cybercriminal Fake Pages on Facebook:

  • Victim Harvesting – identifying possible/probably targets for other follow-on scams
  • Malware Delivery via FAKE POSTS – creating a real looking post linked to a website – but the website is not a real media website, it is a malware delivery webpage – clicking the link loads the fake website and the malware script
  • Phishing Scams – like the Malware Delivery, fake posts linked to Phishing Scam webpages are vastly common. You land of a real looking webpage that may ask you to subscribe, then they send you to another page or send you targeted phishing emails
  • Fake Groups Attracting Believers – zillions of fake or amateur pretender groups want you to believe they are going to save you and that they are the only ones that know the truth about their subject – from politics to diet & health to anti-scam groups – it is always the same misinformation or urban legends.

There are many more reasons why these exist, and the ways in which they can attack you personally or a business you work for.

What are the lessons you learned from romance scams?


When you find a new Facebook page always look at the ABOUT section FIRST – see what they say. Do they give you their company information? Do they have a corporate or business website, is it a real company?

Look at our SCARS Pages on social media and on the web. Do we do this? Are we real? Hell yes!

Forget the amateurs and their silly scammer smart nonsense. You do not have to be smart, you have to be PARANOID!


Works for romance scammers! Works for Fake Pages too!

Why do you shop at places you know? Trust!

Why do you not drive through the worst parts of town? Trust!


YOU have to be PARANOID to avoid the predators online that are after your money, your data, your time, your eyeballs, your emotions, your children, and even your lives!

Yes, you may be PARANOID, but it doesn’t mean they are not after you! THEY ARE! ALL THE TIME!

Here is an EXAMPLE of a brilliantly done FAKE PAGE: Would you ever have suspected it? We spotted it in 3 minutes! But we are cybersecurity experts – most of you never would have!

The same will be true for vast numbers of other Fake Pages. BUT if you apply the lesson in this article – look at the ABOUT FIRST, look at the details, use the “SCARS Scammer’s Star” you will be able to avoid them!

Remember, it may be intriguing, interesting, or seductive, but most traps are!

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Got It? Get Paranoid!

Leave us a comment so we know you did!

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