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SCARS™ Insight: Cracking Down Or Just On Crack?

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In December of 2018 Facebook instituted new to limit all “sexually explicit or suggestive” content. This has resulted in photos being removed even though the women were fully clothed – they just looked sexy!

This will limit the display of stolen photos used by scammers against men. It may also limit other kinds of content covering other subject areas. We have long predicted that this year would see the increased limit on what anti-scam groups can display. This is evolving and we will comment as new information becomes available.

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Isn’t That Special

No sooner than we learned about this but we received a notice from Facebook. We recently had a photo (see actual photo below) of Brianna Lee removed from our Adult Video Stars Stolen Photos page on Facebook.

Obviously, adult stars are being used to lure and scam men. But Facebook’s new community standards prohibit any at all, even as innocent as this photo.