SCARS™ Guide: United States Crime Victims Rights & Assistance By State [UPDATED]

SCARS™ Guide: United States Crime Victims Rights & Assistance By State [UPDATED]

Victims’ Rights & Victims’ Services by U.S. State

  1. Each state adopted a list of Victim’s Rights following California’s example in 1982 – the Bill of Rights for Victims, or “Marsy’s Law.”  Certain aspects of these rights, originally established for victims of violent crimes, also cover fraud victims; however, the list of rights differs from state to state.
  2. Many state victim services provide a Victim/Witness Specialist or Victim Advocate* who can help you with local social services and help you with other problems you are facing due to having been scammed.
  3. Even if your state’s Victim’s Rights do not apply to White Collar Crime victims or only applies to victims of offenders who are being prosecuted in the same state, contact our local law enforcement or Attorney General’s Office to find out if you can speak with a Victim Advocate or Victim/Witness Specialist who might be able to help you in other ways.
  4. In some states, a victim must be declared a victim by the Prosecutor’s Office before gaining access to victim services.  However, call anyway to find out if you can avail yourself of the services and assistance of a Victim Advocate or Victim/Witness Specialist.
  5. Compensation seldom covers victims of White Collar Crime as the expense for the state would be ruinous; however, if you have lost so much money that you cannot pay for rent, food, transportation to and from work, medical expenses, or your child’s welfare, it never hurts to ask if there is some form of temporary assistance for you and your family, and if an advocate can help you obtain it.

* A Victim/Witness Specialist and a Victim Advocate often have the same duties.



Updated: October 18, 2019 – Links Updated

NOTE: We apologize for the broken links – States change their websites frequently. ALL LINKS HAVE BEEN UPDATED!

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U.S. State Alternate Link
ALABAMA Victims’ Assistance
ALASKA Victims’ Assistance
AMERICAN SAMOA Victims’ Assistance Federal Crime Victim’s Rights
ARIZONA Victims’ Assistance
ARKANSAS Victims’ Assistance
CALIFORNIA Victims’ Assistance
COLORADO Victims’ Assistance
CONNECTICUT Victims’ Assistance
DELAWARE Victims’ Assistance
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Victims’ Assistance
FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA Victims’ Assistance Federal Crime Victim’s Rights
FLORIDA Victims’ Assistance
GEORGIA Victims’ Assistance
GUAM Victims’ Assistance
HAWAII Victims’ Assistance
IDAHO Victims’ Assistance
ILLINOIS Victims’ Assistance
INDIANA Victims’ Assistance
IOWA Victims’ Assistance
KANSAS Victims’ Assistance
KENTUCKY Victims’ Assistance
LOUISIANA Victims’ Assistance
MAINE Victims’ Assistance
MARSHALL ISLANDS Victims’ Assistance Federal Crime Victim’s Rights
MARYLAND Victims’ Assistance
MASSACHUSETTS Victims’ Assistance
MICHIGAN Victims’ Assistance
MINNESOTA Victims’ Assistance
MISSISSIPPI Victims’ Assistance
MISSOURI Victims’ Assistance
MONTANA Victims’ Assistance
NEBRASKA Victims’ Assistance
NEVADA Victims’ Assistance
NEW HAMPSHIRE Victims’ Assistance
NEW JERSEY Victims’ Assistance
NEW MEXICO Victims’ Assistance
NEW YORK Victims’ Assistance
NORTH CAROLINA Victims’ Assistance
NORTH DAKOTA Victims’ Assistance
OHIO Victims’ Assistance
OKLAHOMA Victims’ Assistance
OREGON Victims’ Assistance
PALAU Victims’ Assistance Federal Crime Victim’s Rights
PENNSYLVANIA Victims’ Assistance
PUERTO RICO Victims’ Assistance
RHODE ISLAND Victims’ Assistance
SOUTH CAROLINA Victims’ Assistance
SOUTH DAKOTA Victims’ Assistance
TENNESSEE Victims’ Assistance
TEXAS Victims’ Assistance
UTAH Victims’ Assistance
VERMONT Victims’ Assistance
VIRGIN ISLANDS Victims’ Assistance
VIRGINIA Victims’ Assistance
WASHINGTON Victims’ Assistance
WEST VIRGINIA Victims’ Assistance
WISCONSIN Victims’ Assistance
WYOMING Victims’ Assistance

If you are looking for resources for victims of violence against women GO HERE »

For more information about victims’ compensation and funding GO HERE »



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