SCARS™ Commentary: Impersonation Victims Blame Romance Scam Victims

SCARS™ Commentary: Impersonation Victims Blame Romance Scam Victims

We All Know The The Face In The Photo Is A Victim Too!

If so, why do so many scam victims harass them and invade their privacy?


Have You – A Romance Scam Victim – Considered The Other Guy?

Have you considered how Impersonation Victims feel about the barrage of messages and contacts that they get from romance scam victims that fall in love with their photos?

Unfortunately, it is not a pretty picture.

Some impersonation victims are sympathetic to scam victims – for a while. But then comes the few scam victims that cannot accept the reality of the situation. Then many of the impersonation victims turn on the scam victims and start blaming the scam victims for their predicament.

Here is one such example.

This Is A Message To Us From The Adult Video Star “Ann Angel:”

– – – – –
Sorry no. I am frankly sick of hearing about it and dealing with something that can’t be stopped. No matter what you do, these people will continue falling for these scams. I noticed a pattern in the men themselves and I can tell you from speaking to quite a few….they are missing a screw. They fall for the scams out of their own selfishness and complete lack of a grasp on reality. I have no interest in helping these types of men anymore after trying so many years.

[Received via SCARS Twitter Account July 19, 2019]

– – – – –

In a way, someone who makes her living manipulating men on camera would naturally hold her “clients” in low esteem. However, we have heard this from a far larger number of impersonation – many of which couldn’t even be published.

Unfortunately, impersonation victims mean well, but they are not prepared or equipped to deal with the variety of eccentric states of romance scam victims they encounter. By being to empathetic they can encourage some victims more, by being too harsh they add to the trauma scam victims have already experience. It is a “lose lose proposition” for the impersonation victim and scam victim alike.

We do everything we can to help scam victims understand that the face in the photo does not want to hear from them, but like so much about scams, victims (as a group) do not listen. Though we will say many individuals do.


  • They already know their photos are being used.
  • They do not want to hear from you because they do not know you.
  • They do not have a relationship with scam victims, it was just a stolen photo.

This sounds very harsh, but it is the reality of the situation and something that all scam victims need to accept. For your own mental wellbeing, all victims need to accept this.

We are here to help both sides of this fence. Contact us and we will be happy to listen.

While it was somewhat cruel, we thank Ann Angel for sharing her feelings about this situation with us!

A romance scam is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. We are here to assist scam and cybercrime victims!

Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc. [SCARS]
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Miami Florida U.S.A.


SCARS the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Incorporated


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