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This is not a normal topic for us here at SCARS, however we have been through many other epidemics similar to COVID-19.

We wanted to share with you our own experience and personal advice with you.

We do not offer this as expert medical advice, this is just our personal advice for how to deal with the situation right now and what may come. We hope that you find this of some value.

The following is from the founder of SCARS Dr. McGuinness:

I wanted to share this important information with our readers.

If these numbers we are seeing talked about are accurate, 95,000 infected and 55,000 recovered with over 3,000 fatalities – there are several important conclusions we can draw from this:

1) Rate of growth seems to be slowing?? But this may be the calm before the storm. Pay attention to OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT SOURCES – not opposition politicians, not pundits in the news, not social media.

That means these THREE sources!

2) 50,000 out of the 95,000 infected have recovered (per the linked report). Since almost 60,000 cases happened in the last month, that is a good sign.

South China Morning Post has a real-time case monitor on Facebook:

3) However, the COVID19 is showing a 3.1% mortality rate. Even though 34.200 people died from flu last year in the U.S., there were 40 million cases with a mortality rate of 0.9% (just under 1%)

Now you can see why COVID19 is SO DANGEROUS. 3% fatality.

Of course, a truly deadly flu – such as happened in 1917-1918 that killed tens of millions is far more dangerous and far more contagious. Look up “Spanish Influenza” to see what that outbreak did worldwide.

However, the Coronavirus or COVID19 is not as easily transmitted as influenza, but still easy.

Make sure what you read is as factual as possible, and is backed up by science. If you know an anti-Vaxer stay away from them!

If you are really concerned about risk then here are the basic survival precautions that you can take RIGHT now:

1) Buy at least 6 gallons of bleach – this is the best anti-viral disinfectant YOU can buy and it is cheap! 6 gallons lasts a couple of months if used properly for this.

2) In a real major outbreak, we will still have water and electricity. Food will be scarce. Buy RAMAN noodles – 100 packs each (such as “cup of noodles”) per person in your home. These are also very inexpensive. You may want to double that amount. But that is still not a lot of money, and this food lasts years! When it is over, you can donate it if you want, or eat it for the next 5 years! ;)

Get a couple (meaning two or three) good rubber kitchen gloves. You can wear these when out and re-use them by cleaning them in a solution of bleach and water when you return home. You can do the same with a durable face mask.

Facemasks – most of what you can buy will NOT protect you face to face or over extended periods of time. They are not designed to stop viruses, they stop larger scale contaminants. But that is fine if you are not right up close and someone sneezes on you. A towel or scarf will do just as good. The key is not wearing them long and cleaning in water and bleach when you get home.

Shoes are also bad news. Take them off at the entrance of your home – ever wonder why the Japanese learned to do this? It wasn’t just dirt. You can have a small tray with a light bleach solution in it to dip them in – just enough to cover the soles – not the whole shoe – unless your feet really stink, in which case – well …

Pets – keep your pets at home. AND KEEP THEM AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE in public. Your dogs are a health risk. In 1918 – massive numbers of dogs were shot on sight even in the owner’s care. Cats are not as much of a concern but keep them indoors if at all possible – outside cats should be kept outside. Avoid contact with other animals if possible just because of the unknown facts at this stage. There is currently NO PROOF that animals are carriers, but animal fur can carry the virusVirus A computer program that can replicate itself and spread from computer to computer or file to file. It comes to life only when you take a specific action, such as running a particular program. just like a doorknob. Hands off unless they are indoor pets.

Physical contact. Hygiene is now more important than ever, plus it helps with the flu too! But stop shaking hands. Elbow bumps and foot bumps are now the thing or Asian style bows! Remember, everyone when they come home should immediately wash their hands and face thoroughly – the front door to the kitchen sink is usually a straight line.

Phone and facetime, skype, zoom everyone. Work from home is possible. Avoid trips outside. We all become hermits for a while. Wipe your phone down with water/bleach solution frequently too!

My personal opinion is that we avoid restaurants. We cook for ourselves. Sorry, but just too many hands involved.

AMAZON! Every box that arrives should be treated as though it is a contagion because it potentially is. Handle with care (gloves), and lightly wash, rinse, or spray light bleach on whatever it is. Those things probably were made in China anyway.

Ladies! NO MAKEUP. Makeup represents a repository for contaminants right on your face. You need to be w