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Nigerian & Western Africa Word & Concept:

Mugu Is A Typical West African Slag Term

A typical slang much famous in the English-speaking region of Western Africa. It is used in referring to a victim of a fraud or to a person who is duped of his/her money, especially through the internet.

In Nigeria it’s a term used by African scam artists (specifically of the scam & spam variety) to describe the people they get / steal money from. Literally translated, it means something like “big idiot.”

A term also used by 419 scambaiters (scammers) to describe their pets (captive victims).

In regular dating it also means:  In a relationship where the guy is a player and the girl is losing out, the guy is called Maga (or Master), and the girl – Mugu.

Here Are More Terms Your Should Know


Anti-Scam Tip: If you think you are chatting with an African Scammer, sprinkle some of these in and see what the response is.  If the scammer understands the term, you have them!

Here’s some Nigerian slang words to help those who get scammed!

  • MUGU: A person who falls for a scam
  • MGBADA: Scam artists refer to their victims by this. ie; “OMG, this mgbada keeps slipping from my traps, but i am still gonna nail him!”
  • RAINMAKER: Someone who sends a lot of money to; “Mr. Rainmaker is sending me some funds!”
  • ABU FLY: Leave immediately!
  • DAGBO: Fake
  • DELETE: Die or get killed
  • FABU: Unbelievable lie
  • FA!: an exclamation
  • FALL MY HAND: Disappoint me
  • Fearface: No respect. ie; “you no dey fearface, fa!”
  • JAND: England (Nigerian in)
  • NAIJA: Nigerian