RSN™ Special Report: Ghanaian Scammer’s Money God Empire (“MGE”)

In Ghana (And Leaking Into Neighboring Countries) A New Kind Of Money Ritual Has Evolved

It appears to be borrowing from the Nigerian Yahoo Plus, with a dash of Sakawa thrown in. However, it is also uniquely Ghana.

It is all amount blessing the scammer, as much for their motivation as a criminal as for their success. The scammers that engage in this are the lower level gang thugs of Ghana and not a part of the larger operations run out of Universities or Corporate Cartel Centers. These are the street Sakawa boys that can be characterized as Ghana’s send generation of thug scammers.

They mostly focus on scamming men using porn and cam girl photos. They are extreme in their racism against whites AND against blacks living in Europe and the United States (including Canada and Australia).


The Following Are Real Money God Empire Photos Taken By Real Ghanaian “Scambangers”

These rituals are like a child’s view of a religion. A mash-up of different things thrown together with no real sense – a blend of Sakawa, Christianity, and local shamanistic practices. They typically involve the killing of snakes, female body fluids, and laying in a coffin. Nudity and sex is also a part of the process.

In Ghana scammer circles this is becoming the New Religion, even though traditional Sakawa remains for man. However, with the incursion of more professional scammers who are Muslim or Christian, this is seen by the Cartels with amusement.

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