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RSN™ Scam News: More Nigerian Scammers Arrested For Money Laundering US$9,876,542.40 Dollars!

Nigerian Scammer Middlemen Arrested For Conspiracy & Money Laundering By The EFCC!

This is far more significant than just another scammer arrested. This is the breakup of a significant Nigerian scamming cartel, that can lead to the arrest of dozens or hundreds of other scammers.

Faces of Frances Momoh and Engr, Tuoyo Omatsuli who were arraigned before Justice Salisu Saidu of Federal High Court Lagos, for offenses bothering on Conspiracy, Money Laundering, Procurement (hiring other criminals) of the commission of offense and counseling (managing other criminals) of the commission of an offense to the tune of over N3.6bn (Three Point Six Billion Naira) (US$9,876,542.40 Dollars!).

Based upon limited information the two men are believed to be the first major bust of a scam cartel – even though it is a small one by Nigerian standards. The two men operated a global network with scammers in Malaysia, Kenya, and Tanzania. They used money traffickers to hand-carry cash to Malaysian banks. In fact, we are informed that the arrests were partly the result of information provided by the Malaysian police to the Nigerian Ambassador in Kuala Lumpur.

There was no word on how much money and assets were seized by the EFCC when the men were arrested, but it – like all such cases – is unlikely to be returned to their victims.