Everyone believes they will live forever.

Everyone believes crime will never happen to them.

No one expects to be the victim of a romance scam!

Did you?

We live in a world that has been the same since the beginning of time. There are lions out there and they will eat you if you let them.

Did you read that part? IF YOU LET THEM!

Humans evolved in an environment where we were food for predators. We were lunch for lions!

There were monsters everywhere – in caves, the grass, in trees, and in the water. There still are!

Some of those monsters were big, and some so small they can’t even be seen.

Every time the ecosystem changed or we migrated, we encountered new predators – new monsters.

Some of those predators were us!

As a species we have had our own monsters: cannibals and killers. Humans hunting humans.

It has always been that way! It always will be that way!

Too many people have forgotten that simple lesson.

Especially today, we live in a world of pampered “snowflakes” that lose their minds when they hear a word that offends them.

God help them when they encounter the real monsters that live under the bed!

It is no surprise that Millennials are being scammed in record numbers, and are the fastest growing class of online victims.

But it is not just them – everyone is potential victim. Yet we live our lives in a bubble believeng that nothing bad ever happens.

Yet bad things happen all the time.

So the next time that you decry the horrible state of things, just think about what we have endured in the past.

Yes it is unfair. Yes it is cruel. Yes there should be justice.

That is why we pay people to protect us. That is why we have guns, and police, and armies.

Sometimes we need to protect ourselves, sometimes we need others to protect us.

Without that protection it is just us and the lions.

Our organization and governments around the world are working on protections. But we are not there yet, so you have to protect yourselves too.

But there is good news.

Be proud of yourself!

Be proud of the lion claw marks that you have – the Scars – because it means YOU SURVIVED!

Now you have learned.

Not everyone survives the lions!

You are strong. You are a survivor.

Maybe you can’t kill the lion, but you are now wise to how and where they hunt!

Now you can avoid the lions and live your life!

Go live your life!

However, please share what you learned. Others can learn the lessons from your scars.

Tell others where the lions are and how to avoid them, especially children. So that they may grow up avoiding the scars that you have!

Lions are out there. Just waiting for the next victim to cross through their territory.

You know how to avoid them! You have the scars to prove it!

You are a survivor!

We are proud of you!

Dr. Tim McGuinness,
Chairman & Founder,
Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS]


Now you understand why we called our organization SCARS?

You can’t have a Scar unless you are a survivor!