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For those of you that are new followers – please read

Every minute we see visitors to our social media and website enraged against the person they see in the photos. We have had death threats made against webcam/porn girls, and much more.

You HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that this is a large-scale international crime business. This is not some stripper in Miami stealing your money. 99.99% of the time when it is African (even if they have moved to the U.K., India, or Malaysia), it is NOT the person in the photo (with some notable exceptions, such as black men or women in Western Africa – but these are actually few).

One exception are the Russians & Ukrainians – they tend to use their real photos, because there is nothing you can do to them – they think (and mostly are right).

Scammers from the African school steal millions of photos and use them to lure you in. They use photos predicted to generate a response, then engineer the conversation to make you vulnerable.

Stop Hating the people in the photos – it is a waste of energy. Just assume that it is a fake (want proof? look at our “Social Scammers” Facebook Page or our page on the Adult Stars they use Scammers Love Adult Stars​)

Your anger and hate works against you, you doubt yourself, you feel guilty and ashamed.


Get over them, and get over yourself. Focus on the facts: you are a vulnerable human being; you encountered a professional criminal that was better prepared that you were; you can get even, but only by being smart.

How do you get even? Get justice? You really don’t get much, and you need to be satisfied with that. The greatest harm you can do to them is expose them in such a way that other potential victims can see they are a scammer. You have to be satisfied with this most of the time. Sometimes we do get an arrest, and that helps, but not often – this is a societal problem in the developing world, that needs to be educated out of them, not something that happens over night.

So, we are sorry for the “Tough Love” but you need to get over it and move on to do something about this problem.

There is only one solution, properly reporting scammers. Facebook is generally useless for this, unless you follow a page. Google is our Spartan. When a scammer is reported on our website, Google indexes it within minutes. Then when someone searches for that Name, Email, or Phone, it will show up as confirmation that they are a scammer and have been reported.

We do not receive a profit from the work we do. We are funded by an online publishing company to the tune of $15,000 a month. Yes they have ads on their site and make a HUGE few hundred dollars. When people do not report scammers on our website, we have to take time to move them into our archives, and that cuts into other things we can do, such as working with Nigerian and Malaysia Police to arrest scammers.

Information is the enemy of the scammers. Understand it and use it. We provide a free vehicle to collect that information and expose scammers, if you will help us. We provide a huge amount of knowledge about how to detect scammers, who’s photos they steal, and their behaviors. Don’t get caught up in the drama, the scammers just don’t care, and they are right – the drama is entertainment after a certain point. Focus on the information, photos, names, emails, phone numbers – these are the only thing that matter and can be used to hang them!

So dust yourself off. Have a cup of coffee or tee, and declare to the world you are not going to take it any more.

Trust us, we know this works, because we have helped get arrests and expose scammers. We understand your anger, but it doesn’t help you, it just keeps you as a victim – even if you did not loose money, they still took something from you.

With Sincere Empathy,
The Staff of
Flare, Anne, John, Tim