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Reporting Scammers To The Ghana Police Services

Contacting The Ghana Police

This is presented because so many ask for it, but the Ghana Police are totally corrupt and will try to scam you themselves!

The Ghana Police Service has, since its inception been in the frontline of the criminal justice system of Ghana. It is clearly the most visible arm of government as the symbol of law and order, to the people. Ghana Police Service is mandated by Article 200 of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana, and the Police Service Act 1970 (ACT 350). The constitution mandates the Service to operate on democratic policing principles.

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The Police Service Act 1970, Act350 spells out the core functions of the service as follows:

  1. To Protect life and Property,
  2. To prevent and detect crime,
  3. To apprehend and prosecute offenders,
  4. To maintain public order,

to ensure a peaceful and safe environment to facilitate economic and social activities as a pre-requisite for making Ghana a Gateway to West Africa

As per the new motto of the service, “TO PROTECT AND SERVE WITH HONOUR” the GPS is committed to protect and serve all residents in their communities, using democratic policing principles, and appropriate technology to protect life and property, and personal dignity. The vision of the Ghana Police Service is to be a World Class Police Service capable of delivering planned, democratic, protective, and peaceful services up to standards of international best practice.

The Ghana Police Service is divided into twelve (12) administrative regions, namely: Accra, Tema, Ashanti, Eastern, Brong Ahafo, Volta, Western, Central, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, and Railways, Ports and Harbour Regions.

As part of the Ghana Police Service functions, the current onlin