How To Report Scammers

Scammers & Fraudsters Are Everywhere

But if we do nothing then they win!

SCARS has built a network of connected websites, social media, governments, and other entities that receive our reports when entered through our website. We are expanding this network constantly, and in time will provide the most complete databases of online fraud available.

But You are the Key!

We need your Help.

By reporting your Fraudsters and Scammers you are helping to alert other potential victims, since they will be able to find your report on Google and other search engines, as well as drive this data upstream to services that can use this to identify Fraudsters and Scammers on their services, such as Money Transfer Services. Even governments that receive our data can us it (if they chose) to investigate them and pursue criminal action. While there is no way to promise an arrest, or that you will get your money back, this is how we make a difference, the eventually can lead to vast reductions in online fraud.

We have provided you with several different ways to report Scammers or Fraudsters

You can report Fraudsters or Scammers  by:

  • Full Reports – including Photos
  • Just Email Addresses
  • Just Phone Numbers
  • Just Social Media Accounts or Profiles
  • Fraudster Banking Information
  • Scammer Money Transfer Information

Each of these automatically distributes this information throughout our network and will appear of different places on the webs, such as Facebook, where it both makes it easier for victims and potential victims to identify Scammers before it is too late, or to confirm they were scammed. So the report you make now may just save someone else from being scammed.

Help Us Get The Bastards!

Report Your Fraudster or Scammer Right Here:

Quick Reports:

Full Report with Photos:

SCARS Launched In 2016 The Only Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network™

In cooperation with our partners we have created the world’s first anti-scammer data network connecting websites, social media, governments, and money transfer entities. Information entered onto the RSN website is stored in our database and automatically distributed through our network to destinations around the web & social media through the SCARS Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network to those that have the ability to act on that information

Any Problems Reporting?

You can also report scammers on

Both Anyscam & RSN go into the SCARS Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network and are fed to hundreds of locations on the web & social media, as well as government and law enforcement around the world.

Alternative Reporting



Please never include photos of children when you are filing your report. Just imagine how the real parents would feel seeing photos of their children displayed here!


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