Reporting Chinese Scammers To China

Becoming Your Own Advocate

A SCARS Insight

There Are Many Countries That Seem To Protect Fraudsters!

Those Countries Do Not Seem To Care About Cybercriminals!

These include the following countries that actively sponsor or at least turn a blind eye:

  • Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and most of Western Asia
  • Russia
  • North Korea
  • Venezuela, Cuba, Belize, and many others in Latin America – Except for Brazil

Notice that we did not say China – the People’s Republic of China. That is because they have a very odd view of fraudsters. If they are stealing intellectual property from other countries then they are tolerant, but if they are involved in criminal operations stealing people’s money they are deadly serious about it.

In fact, for the last 4 years – since SCARS met with the Ministry of State Security in Zhuhai in December of 2017, the PRC has led the world in scammer arrests. Almost 50% of all scammer arrests worldwide are in China or led by Chinese security operations in nearby countries such as Cambodia or Bhutan.

In 2019 nearly 99,000 scammers were arrested by the Chinese, which included the repatriation of Chinese citizens arrested in other countries for cybercrime. 2020 was lower, but in 2021 almost 80,000 were arrested.

The Chinese take this more seriously than any country, but they make it almost impossible to report these crimes.

However, There Is A Process

China responds to issues of national pride, and criminals victimizing people outside and inside China is of national concern to them. Therefore, the solution is to make it a question of pride!

Are You The Victim Of A Chinese Online Criminal?

The first question is are you a victim of Chinese Scammers?

Did you send money to China, Hong Kong, or Macau? Did you send money to Chinese names in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Bhutan, Myanmar, or Mongolia? The simple way to be more certain is by the language – did they speak Chinese? Did they have a Chinese name?

In the case of most Pig Butchering scams, especially targeting Asians, the answer is probably yes. You probably sent the money to a web or phone app for the fake investment, but that was probably being run by Chinese criminals.

There are other types of scams that are typically run by Chinese criminal cartels too, such as Macau scams.

If you suspect or know that you were victimized by Chinese Scammers, then you should attempt this process.

Remember, Reporting Is Not Easy

Reporting your crime is hard, regardless of where the criminals are. However, it represents an important break from the scam – this is your major opportunity to take control back from the scam and scammers. To assert your power and control over the situation.

It is important to report the crime to your local police. While the police may not be cooperative, demand that they give you a Police Report Number – this is your proof that there was a crime, but it is also important so the police will begin to understand how large a problem this is. Right now less than 3% of victims report these crimes – mostly out of fear of the scammers, discovery by family or friends, and out of shame – but none of these matter!

Reporting is something that must be done, for your own control and self-respect, and because it is your duty as a citizen! By not reporting these crimes you are enabling the scammers to scam the next few hundred victims. It may not stop them at once, but if we could get to 10% reporting things would change!

After all, sexual assault victims learned to overcome their guilt and shame to report the majority of these crimes. Domestic abuse victims learned to report their crimes, and you can too!

Basic Reporting

The first step for every scam victim – of Chinese Scammers or not – is to report to the U.S. FTC at and on, then to your local or national police – see our directory for them.

Chinese Scammers Reporting

This is going to be different because you will be reporting to the Chinese government by email. Do not expect an immediate response.

The Strategy is to send an email reporting the scam to two different agencies: 1) the Chinese Government and 2) to the nearest Chinese Embassy.

Step 1: Organize Your Information

Organize the critical information to send in your email reports.

  • None of the dialog or lies – ONLY HARD FACTS
  • Websites & Apps
  • Email and other contact information (such as phone numbers)
  • Social Media account links – a name is not enough, you need the actual link to the social media profiles or other identifiers
  • WhatsApp or WeChat or GoogleMeet account names or numbers
  • Money Transfer details – how much when, and by what mechanism or company
  • How much money was lost
  • Include your full contact information

Step 2: Send the Governmental Email

Send a full clear and concise report in an email to

This email address is a general mailbox where emails will be forwarded to appropriate government agencies.

Include all of the information above, and at the very beginning indicate: “To the Attention of the Ministry of Public Security”

Indicate that you are reporting a CRIME, specifically FRAUD – do not use the word scam or scammers. It is a FRAUD and they are criminals.

Explain in clear terms how this crime has affected you emotionally and financially.

Sign it with your full name and contact details – this is a report of a crime.

Step 3: Send An Email To The Nearest Chinese Embassy

Here are the groupings of the Chinese Embassies around the world:

Chinese Embassies

Chinese Consulates General

Each embassy has an email address for the General Consul or the Ambassador. Address your email to them.

Do the same as you did for the report sent to the general governmental email address, but this time, address it “To The Attention of the Honorable Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China”.

Please keep in mind that these are links on Chinese government websites so they may become obfuscated (inoperative or changed). To find the latest – assuming one of them does not work – visit the Chinese Foreign Ministry here:


You may not get any level of satisfaction in the way of a response. But that is NOT why it is important to report these crimes. You report them because it is your duty, and to retake control back from the scam and scammers.

This may not seem like a very effective mechanism to report fraudsters, but if there were a million such reports it would get very high-level attention. It is really up to you to be a part of the solution or to enable scammers to continue what they are doing. This is your choice.

Please make the effort to report these!

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