(Last Updated On: September 7, 2020)

Sweet Love: Young Nigerian Scammer Shows Off His Elderly White Bride

Love is a beautiful thing, and when it happens, it does not respect race, financial status or age.

However, scammers only respect money!

This is another example of Love Rats engaging in marriage scams. African marriage scams frequently target the elderly, especially women.

Once the marriage is complete, under African law, the man controls everything, and the woman cannot even leave the country without the man’s permission. Once they have exhausted all available money, the women are cast aside and sent home penniless.

Below are pictures showing a young Nigerian man (Yahoo Boy) with his white elderly bride.

However, going by the caption and comments on the pictures, it appears clear that the man is a Yahoo Yahoo fraudster.

For ethical reasons, we have not identified the victim in this article.