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Guest Editorial By Clair St Jennifer

The following is a Guest Editorial by Clair St Jennifer – a Scam Survivor and Member of SCARS Support Groups. Clair plays a role in helping scam victims to recover and educating them to avoid scams in the future.

A SCARS Guest Editorial / Victim’s Story

My Truth

By Clair St Jennifer

I want to take the time to talk to people that have been the victim of a romance scam about future relationships.

When you were being tricked by an online scammer, you probably got most of your enjoyment from the flattering compliments and the constant professions of undying love.

As you go into new relationships (hopefully with REAL people that you’ve met in person), you may find yourself thinking that your new partner falls short because he doesn’t constantly shower you with flattery and romantic quotes. You need to remember that in REALITY, men do not do this as much as women would like. Even the most romantic man in the world will not likely swoon as much as your scammer did.

Why? Because your scammer was playing a part in a made-up romance. He was copying his beautiful love quotes from scripts and internet publications. A REAL person will be afraid of crossing the line between love and too MUCH (as TOO MUCH can come across as needy, weak, clingy, and even borderline obsession/stalking).

Do NOT ruin your chances for future happiness by comparing ANYONE to the relationship you had with your scammer. Your relationship with your scammer was no more real than a Hollywood movie.

Richard Gere is NOT going to pull up, waving his umbrella from the roof of his limousine. Leonardo DiCaprio is NOT going to ride the wind with you from the bow of a ship.

PLEASE try to ground yourself in reality and you will find yourself MUCH happier…either independently or with someone.

Bless you all, and please stay safe.

Clair St Jennifer
A SCARS Member

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