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SCARS™ Psychology of Scams: Removing The Face Of Your Scammer

A Recovery Technique: How To Recover And Remove The Face Of The Scammer

What is the way to put the face (from your scam) behind you?

This is going to sound strange, but this is solid psychology.

You need to move on and recover from the scam, but how can you when the face you connected with is still in your head?

One Way To Do This Is You Turn To Anthropology. You Have To Create A Ritual!

What? You stage a FUNERAL to be precise.

When we experience the death of someone we love, a funeral service fills several important needs. It provides a finality, a point of termination, a kind of closure,

However, when you are scammed, it is like the person you connected with died, but they really didn’t. They just vanished. All of a sudden they are just gone, but you don’t have a body you can bury.

So What Do You Do? You Stage A Funeral

A funeral provides for the dignified and respectful send off of another person – even if they are not real. Among its purposes, it makes us acknowledge the loss, and activate or accept support during this naturally difficult time.

Equally important, the funeral service helps survivors face the reality of the loss, which is the first big step toward taking grief from the inside and allowing us to express it on the outside through mourning. In this way, you can gain support and consolation when you need it most.

Obviously, this is not a normal funeral. There will be no friends and relatives. Think of this more like a Viking funeral where it is more the act that matters – the funeral pyre itself that brings comfort.

There Are Many Ways To Do This, And Each Will Be As Unique As You Are

We suggest a simple method. But you must formalize this for it to be effective. Meaning you have to do certain things specifically for this funeral.

  • You must print out at least ONE photo of the person. After it prints purposefully delete all messages and photos of the scammer. Erase everything (except any money transfer forms, since these are important evidence that may be needed later on).
  • We also suggest pouring a glass of wine (the Irish are experts at Wakes and Rapid recovery).
  • You go someplace neutral, away from your home – in your backyard at least.
  • Place the photo on a stage, a platform, or even a barbeque grill.
  • Say an incantation on purpose “I will forget you now, and remember who I am. I am not a prisoner to you, and I will live on now without you!” or make up your own.
  • Drink your toast to the loss of the person
  • Light the photo on fire and watch it burn.
  • Finish your glass as the photo burns to ashes
  • Now go out by yourself to someplace you would enjoy. Go to dinner or a movie. Do something purposefully for yourself to distract you. Make it a memorable moment that you will remember.

When you return home the ghost is gone. You will remember (to be sure) but if you were serious about this, something will have changed – you will have let go, if even just a little bit.


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