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RSN™ Fake Female Identity – Example Scammer Profile In Use: Angel O. Razzel




Russians Are Marching In Again!  Except She’S Really From Ghana!

Angel O. Razzel

Angel’s Profile Details:


In the name of love
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Country: United States
Location: New York, NY
Height: 4 ft. 7 in.
Body Type: Slim/slender
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde hair
Eye Color: Blue
Religion: Christian / Catholic
Astrological sign: Pisces
Languages spoken: English, German
Level of Education: Graduate degree
Occupation: Self Employed
Income: I’ll tell you later
Smoking: Non-smoker & don’t mind smokers
Drinking: Don’t Drink
Relationship Status: Never Married
Have Children: No
Want Children: Undecided
Looking to meet a: Male Age: 45 to 70
Relationship Desired: I’ll tell you later
Last Visit: Today

Notice the location, she’s actually inside Ghana.  Also, notice the size – no way.

Angel’s Profile Description:

Am just a simple woman with a lot of good attitude.I love taking things into perfect consideration before taking any step.I am cool and honest.I love jokes,laughter, funny things and I am always happy at all times.I am a straight forward person with a young heart.I don’t double date,I don’t cheat,I am always contented with what I have.I am also an independent person.I am responsible,caring,trustworthy,also tender and generous.I love traveling, going shopping,meeting good people,but don’t go to night clubs.I am young in the soul,fit athletic,and life-experienced enough to know how to make my man on my side happy,I am a open minded and focused person.I love giving and sharing with my man.I enjoy communicating with my man.I love making my man happy in all his likes.Someone to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with and to explore,create and to make great memories with.Someone who can be my best friend and companion.From there we can laugh and share great times.Shared interests,a good sense of humor,and lots of energy are a plus.he should want a great friend and companion in his life and enjoy holding hands,cuddling,getting flowers and romance and want to live each day to its fullest.

This is an example of a mixed chop shop write-up.  Parts are well written, parts scammer grammar.  Notice the lack of space after the periods – you would not see this from someone who actually lives in the U.S.

Angel’s Initial Message:


Nice hearing from you…My name is Angel and you sent me an email from loveaccess.com. It was a great pleasure to hear from you and I will be more delighted to get to know you more,You sound really interesting.Who knows where his/her Partner would come from.I think your point is great because I am not one to go on the site that much so thought it will be more convenient to communicate via our email address.Lets give it a try and see where it goes.This are few copies of my photos and I would be expecting yours back.Looking forward to hearing lovely from you soon.

His/ Her????  What?  What point?

Angel’s Follow On Message:

Nice hearing from you .I am very sorry for the late reply… I am very open person and shoot straight from the heart and it is with great pleasure that I am writing to you and an honor for me to get to know you better. This is my first indulgence in internet dating and I must say after reading raving reviews on internet dating in a magazine, I finally decided to give it a try and I am glad I have done so. Like they say, ” you never get to find out for yourself unless you give it a go”. You are welcome to my world .

 My name is Angel O Razzel and i think there is an angel call razzel and you know most times it is not easy to introduce yourself because you know yourself so well that you do not know where to start with. Let me give a try and hope that my impression about myself and your impression about me are not so different. It has taken from the 20th of March 1980 to date to create who I am today.  Within these years, I have been given the freedom to explore the world in order to satisfy my curiosity toward all the strange and wonderful things in the world around me.

I grew up in a healthy family although I was an only child, I lost my dad at an early age and I think mum was too young to look after me on her own so I got to live with my grandparents  and this made my childhood days more colorful. My grandfather worked as an art restorer and would get called up to work in different parts of Europe for the museums this provided me with more opportunities to learn what I desired to. I remember when I was a young girl; my grandpa bought me a piano. It helped me to explore music to my heart’s content during my early years as a girl. I did not have the opportunity to make many friends as a young girl because we did not get to stay in any one place for too long as my grandfather would get have to move to a new country or city soon as we settled. I loved it because I spent most of my play time with grandpa as he worked and gradually developed a liking for ancient history. I grew up living mostly in Malta, Greece, Rome and England. And so when it was time for me to go to university I read fashion and archeology at the university of Durham in the north of England.
I have worked as an fashion designer and  since I graduated from university many years ago, traveling the world over for excavation and study. Through the years my job has forced me to develop extraordinary patience and resilience and exposed me to a lot of different cultures and traditions which is something I treasure. I am quite traditional and conservative in style. I am a true romantic and my dress sense is smart. I am very open in a relationship once I get to trust my partner and I like to share on almost everything happening in my life. And I enjoy making my lover the focal point of my life. From here everything revolves and the world is a happier place for me and I am sure for my beloved.I want you to understand that age is just a chronological number and Distance has nothing to do with love because no body knows where his or her partner will come from and i understand that love is all about your innermost feelings that matters most.You sound interesting and am willing to know you better because i am seriously seeking for a relationship that will last forever.Tell me what qualities do you seek in a partner?

I am in semi retirement as I am presently planning to set up a consultancy and settle down to family life. I long for this with someone who has the same objective as me. I know that relationships take a bit of effort to make them work  I am at the point in my life that I am ready to put in the effort or whatever it takes because I know that I do not want to be doing this again.I am looking for a real relationship and I am ready to create a family with the person who will really love, respect and understand me in everything. I need the one who is serious, responsible, faithful, protecting and loyal, the one who understands that life is a great compromise.Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness. No matter how much you love someone if you don’t have these ingredients you will never succeed.To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him/her  first.You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart.I think your point is great but I am not one to go on the site that much so thought it will be more convenient to communicate via our email address.You sound really interesting and I am looking forward to knowing you more and see where it goes. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


A fashion designer archaeologist, who doesn’t know how to spell it!  Semi-retirement no less at age 32!  This is a perfect example of stealing someone else’s emails and adapting them – if you look you will see the change points from the original, and where additions and changes were made.

Final Email:

I was born in New Zealand, Nelson, to a Ghanaian-American mother and a New Zealand father but now i live in Accra Ghana.  My mother was from Arizona, Mesa. I loved her so much but you know destiny. My mom was a complex person. She has a warm heart, and very giving of her time and energy to other people.  She was a very hard worker.  She was tough, and does not like to complain. Sometimes she says things that sound sarcastic, but I know she does not mean to be hurtful, i think i took most of me from my late mother. She was really my hero in life but fate just took her away from me and that hurt so much… My parents now are late and i am the only born and i move to Ghana after my mother pass on but one thing I understand about love is that, love is not judged to be right by how far or how long but how well and also how truly serious are the two people feeling for each other..


This is the typical Ghana Scammer’s Story – came to Ghana, Parent Died.  Seriously!  It’s all formula.  Obviously, since she JUST moved there, she wasn’t very good in her classes!  Notice the photos below, someone who was half Ghanan would not be blonde.

More Photos:

Note that this profile used photos from two completely different women!

Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com - photo probably stolen

Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com – photo stolen

These photos are of the Adult Star: Lia Leah aka Lia 19 »


Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com - photo probably stolen

Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com – photo probably stolen


Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com - photo probably stolen

Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com – photo probably stolen


Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com - photo probably stolen

Ghana Scammer: Angel O Razzel angel.razzel@yahoo.com – photo probably stolen



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You Know We Are All Fakes, Right?

You Know We Are All Fakes, Right?



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