One of the things many recovering scam survivors state as a goal is to get the person back that they once were. Many of you have said this too.

Yet, is this really a worthwhile goal?

Look back at who you were … coldly and objectively!

Who were you before your scam and what attributes did you express?

Were you someone who believes any old stranger that walked into your life?

Were you someone that would sacrifice your own wellbeing and that of your family for someone you never met half a world away?

Were you someone who would lie for a stranger you never met? Lie to your financial institution, your friends or family?

Were you someone that easily lived in a fantasy world?

Obviously the pendulum swings in the opposite direction, and after the scam, you are distrusting (and other unhappy attributes). BUT hopefully you are none of those things that you were, right?

Of course, new victims may still be those things, and a part of recovering is learning not to be.

However, are these part of the YOU that you want to get back to?

So maybe a better goal is that you do NOT go back to who you used to be, but go forward to a YOU that is stronger, smarter, and wiser?

That the YOU that you used to be was not a good place either, and where you are going can combine the better self that you were with the better self you are now and create a fusion of these?

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