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Anti-Scam FAQ: What Is “Your Order Has Arrived”/Shipping Status Scam


You may have received an email that says your “order” from Amazon or other ecommerce retailer has arrived or has been shipped. It likely asks you to click on a link.

These emails can be a phishing scam attempting to get personal information from you by asking you to confirm your bank information or other information only known to you.
If you are unsure about an email, make sure to check the actual email address to see if it from the company it says it’s from. Usually, phishing scams will say the company name “Amazon,” but when you click on the email address, you’ll notice it’s not from an Amazon domain.
Also, you should never send personal information to an email address without confirming first that it is a legitimate business.
You can always visit the retailer’s website directly and log in to your account to confirm any issues or call their customer service number on their main website.