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Understanding The Narcissist Scammer

Understanding how scammers can be and do what they do is complex!

What Is It About These Scammers?

They Are More Than Just Criminals, They Are Mentally Suited For Scamming

Is this a cultural problem in West Africa?

This relates to the About: A Nigerian Scammer Gets Arrested [VIDEO]

Our staff was shocked to see this video. We have seen others, and it is always the same. This is more than just crime, this is their way of thinking. This is a fundamental morality. The scammers claim to go to church, believe in god [so they say], yet there is no remorse, no compassion, no understanding that what they did is wrong. This is sociopathic.  This is Malignant Narcissism!

What strikes us in watching this video and other videos when scammers are captured is how easily they bend with the wind. One minute they have done nothing wrong and the next they just confess as though the police will just accept it and let them go. Every culture has criminals, there appears to be something deeper than just criminality.

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