Another Scumbag Captured!One Of The Worst Captured

Meet Ernest Prince Okonkwo, or Ernest Okonkwo Prince, also known as Don Prince or as Tony Jamaica

Nigerian Pedophile Scammer captured in Thailand training Thai children to scam online

Yet another example of how these scum corrupt everything around them, and when they are caught the just can’t stop scamming.  Fortunately it doesn’t work, but they never stop with their stories.


The Full Story:

A pedophile who trains Thai children how to do 419 and other online scams is captured. This hardcore Nigerian criminal goes from stubborn denial to full confession without even a finger being laid upon him. Ernest Prince Okonkwo also known as Don Prince or as Tony Jamaica built his own estate and church on the Laos border where he ran his scam operations, he also built a small coffeeshop to try and account for his lavish lifestyle.

Tony Jamaica is an infamous figure in the Southeast Asian underworld for arranging accounts for 419 scammers to launder money being received from scam victims. The arrest of Tony Jamaica means that police now have deep details of a global network of Nigerian scammers which will lead to a large number of arrests in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Ernest Prince Okonkwo also known as Don Prince or as Tony Jamaica

Ernest Prince Okonkwo also known as Don Prince or as Tony Jamaica

32 year old Tony was arrested with his 15-year-old female accomplice named “Candy” who ironically was “shared” with a large number of Nigerian criminals in Bangkok. After working and sleeping with Nigerian drug dealers Candy met Tony Jamaica near a church notorious for criminals run by Prophet Nanje Noah in the Hua Mak district of Bangkok – an area renowned for its Nigerian drug and scam cartels.

Ironically, the young girl mentioned in the video “Candy” admitted her introduction to prostitution started when a Caucasian Australian offered her 300 dollars to buy her and train her at the age of 14. Candy went on to explain that she then had Thai customers paying 100 dollars a pop before moving into the African market where the price was much lower but she enjoyed the affection of Nigerian boys and eating their food which she found more similar to Thai food than Australian food. She explained that her mother warned her to stop finding bank accounts to recieve money from Australia as the amounts were suspiciously large and that she was still a novice at scamming and had not so much success as the older Thai women that hang out in Nigerian churches such as Global Transitional Outreach and nightclubs.

Investigations has now shown that many children become prostitutes because they wrongly believe that Europeans, Americans and Australians have higher ethics and also because they use much larger amounts of cash as a lure, instead of living in central Bangkok many caucasian pedophiles are now known to be residing in the more distant suburbs sometimes disguising themselves as teachers. As the children get used and abused by Europeans the children loose popularity and are subsequently picked up by African groups as sex workers to be trained as drug mules as the Ice, heroin and cocaine are often swallowed as well as inserted. Other Pedophiles that picked up kids for sex training in Internet cafes around Bangkok and now these kids have grown older and have been abandoned by their Caucasian initiators they are now moving drugs for Nigerians or in prison for doing so, the more unlucky ones were executed for their crimes.

Kudos to the Thailand National Police for a job well done!