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. We know this.

Cybercriminals steal billions of dollars from individuals around the world. We all know this too!

This is a problem of epic proportions with as many as a million new victims in 2016 alone.

Like all areas of economic activity, this creates an environment for business – some honest some not. Some are specific service businesses that claim to help victims. Some actually do help victims (like us).

In fact there are many such businesses. Some are for profit, some are not for profit, some are free.

Our own company (Romance Scams Now) offers its services for free. SCARS is another non-profit organization that also offers its services for free to victims.

While we have no problem or issues with fundraising activities that are honest and transparent, we have issues with those that are not.

Here are examples of :

  • People that claim that they go to African countries and get scammers arrested with or without a fee.
  • People that claim they can get any part of the victim’s money back – with or without a fee.

There are also honest – as in legitimate businesses registered in their country that are also a concern:

Online or Internet Private Detectives

This is a new class of business that has emerged in the last year that claims to assist victims with their scam. In many cases they do provide services, such as: identification of IP address location, and confirmation where the scam originated. They can also act on your behalf with your local authorities.

Unfortunately, these private detectives have no power to get your money back from Africa, or elsewhere. They also have no ability to get someone arrested. The world simply does not work that way,

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