Romance Scammer / Dating Scammer – Image Stolen From Real Person

Nigerian / Ghana / Central Africa / Western Africa Emergency Scam

One of the most popular scams in online dating is the Nigerian / Ghana / Central Africa Emergency Scam.

Ghanaians, Nigerians, and other Central or Western Africans are notorious for their shameless scammers and most sane people probably wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone from one of these countries. Though while we ridicule these scammers constantly, people want to believe and are lambs for the slaughter. The scammers know this all to well too, and therefore often pretend to be from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, or Europe or some other Western country.

Armed with their fake identity and stolen photos, the scammer proceeds to get their hooks into you. They often communicate with you for weeks and months so you think you are getting to know them better while it is actually all part of their fraudster plan.

The standard Emergency Scam story then starts to unfold as your online date suddenly has some sort of emergency in Nigeria or Ghana, though Filipinos do this too! The stories may range from your person having an accident while in Nigeria for work to a helpless woman being stranded in Ghana; from asking for charity donations for Africa to a family member having a brain hemorrhage while in Africa. At the end of the day they all have the same basic plot – there is an emergency and won’t you please send them some money to someplace, Africa, Philippines, etc.   Of course, once you do send the money that is the last you will hear of them and your money.  But not always!

These scams can also escalate, to asking for more and more money.  When the first emergency is over, maybe the exchange rate left them short.  Or they didn’t plan on something.  So ever if you pay once – which you should never do – they will come back if they feel they can.

ANTI-SCAM TIP: Emergency Scams 1

TIP:  Never Ever Send Money To Africa – it is a scam.  Cute white girls do not go to Ghana.  Handsome white guys either!