Why We Do …

Why We Do …

Why We Do What We Do?

Many have asked why we do not post more photos of scammers on our main Facebook page?

The reason is actually a simple one – but it has several parts:

1) Facebook prohibits harassment or bullying of other people. Ironically, scammers are people, and as such the approach taken in exposing them can get you in trouble with Facebook. This is a fundamental violation of Facebook’s Community Standards.

This is Facebook’s sandbox, and to do good we have to be aware of what they permit and what they don’t. We do present some scammers that are reported through RomanceScamsNow.com and Anyscam.com (from SCARS). But we limit this to comply with Facebook’s requirements.

2) We can show you and endless stream of scammers – but it will be impossible for your to see them all – OR – we can help you understand what scamming is and how to avoid it.

We can hand you a fish, or teach you how to fish.

3) We employ our workforce to provide avoidance education and victim’s support. As the only actual business in the anti-scam world (other than SCARS which is an NGO/Non-profit) – RSN (which is a unit of PerfectReputations®) invests its employee’s time and resources for the maximum good, and a never ending stream of stolen faces is not a good use of the limited resources we have available.

4) We have other pages where we do show many more scammers and you are encouraged to take a look at these – though all of the above still applies.

Other RSN Facebook Pages Displaying Scammers – these are just a few of the dozens we publish:

5) The scammers we do show are reported to Anyscam.com and RomanceScamsNow.com (report them here), and other SCARS Data Reporting Network locations. But reports have dropped off dramatically in 2017.

6) We believe it is healthier for victims to focus on understanding and recovery, rather than an endless stream of hate directed at stolen faces. Most anti-scam amateur groups (and in fact all of them are) have no real idea what they are doing. So their default is to post the faces, even though there is little real value in doing so.

They are welcome to do it, but the result is that their pages get taken down by Facebook, and their hate then gets focused on other groups doing good work. Anything to fuel the hate and rage they have for anyone that contradicts them.

So in the end …

We do what we do, because we believe it contributes more in the long run. Focusing on avoidance and support help people who have been victimized. Focusing on public and governmental policy, education, and enforcement helps harden society against socially engineered scams and fraud.

We hope you agree! Please share your thoughts in a comment below?

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Romance Scams Now™ is the world's leading private anti-scams organization. RSN™ is based in Miami Florida & Cincinnati Ohio. It's founder was involved in combating online fraud since 1991. As of July 2017, Romance Scams Now is now a privately funded division of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS]. The RSN website and all of our publications (including social media) are maintained by our own staff to provide the most up to date information about active scammers from around the world and how to avoid them or recover from them available anywhere. Be sure to use our search feature to locate scammers you may suspect or to report them here. Our goal is to prepare you to live in a world full of online scammers and risks, so that you can remain safe! And seriously, be sure to report scammers here! Also visit our Facebook page for unique INFORMATION not found on our site. RSN is official Scam Avoidance Education & Scam Victims' Assistance & Support Division of SCARS™ - the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams a nonprofit organization (NGO) dedicated to advocating victim's causes and changing government and law enforcement attitudes toward online fraud for good! Please join us in becoming a member of SCARS - it's free! Add you voice so that the world will listen at last! www.AgainstRomanceScams.org

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  1. Edraline+Bates November 27, 2017 at 1:23 am - Reply

    In your previous post, that some of the Western Union Branch are involved in this type of fraud is there possibility that they will be persecuted and that they will be liable for all this crime that the Scammers use their business to commit fraud to the victims?

  2. Edraline+Bates November 27, 2017 at 1:01 am - Reply

    First, I would like to thank you for educating like myself to be on alert regarding the scammers that are online and the dedication you all put into to help us. ‘Keep up the amazing job, all the works your doing will not be in vain, I’m happy that there is someone out there willing to help as we know nowadays hard to find’.

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