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What’s New On SCARS™ Romance Scams Now

February 2013

Scammer: Shan William

Shan William – photo most likely stolen from someone else Yep, here’s another one. Notice the last name “William” – guess where this is common and where it’s not?  You [...]

Scammer: Laura

Laura Another, Guess What? In an ironic sense, this website seems to be teaching them better skills, but don’t worry, they can’t help themselves. [Update, we now block all [...]

January 2013

Scammer: whomtocare01?

whomtocare01 – unknown – probably stole images from a real person A Scam A Day Keeps Romance Away It must be heartbreaking, if these are the only people you ever [...]

REPEAT SCAMMER: Esther Nkansah

Esther Nkansah – – images probably stolen from someone else Another Ghana Scammer When Are They Going To Just Give Up? She Is: Esther Nkansah […]


Scammer: Mary Ama

Ditto, Romance Scammer This one if from the South Pole no less! She is: Mary Ama   […]

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Scammer: Han

Han Another Romance Scammer This one has Ghana in her email address She Is: Han […]

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Scammer: Akah Blay

Another Ghana Scammer Not much info on this one, sorry! She is: Akah Blay […]

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Scammer: Diane Nelson

Here’s a new scammer But in the end it’s the same old thing She Is: Diane Nelson […]

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November 2012

Scammer Grammar™ Example: Scammer Joyce Ann

Scammer Grammar™ Example: Scammer Joyce Ann The African Scammers Don't Really Understand Americans - So They Keep Making The Same Mistakes, Over And Over! Of course, we don't want to tell them all the details, but [...]

April 2012

February 2012

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