SCARS™ Scammer Gallery: Military Scammers #7552

SCARS™ Scammer Gallery: Military Scammers #7552 Scammers Pretending To Be U.S. Military We present a selection of Despicable Dating Scammers! They steal our service men's and women's identities to scam you! Remember these photos were stolen from real people! Actually in a time of war, impersonating a combatant is punishable by death under International Law! Are You Talking To Anyone Here?     Tell us about your experiences with Romance Scammers in our Scams Discussion Forum [...]

In A War Zone

Think About It! Do Soldiers Really Have Time To Romance On Facebook When They're In A War Zone? Yes, the United States (and other countries) has combat troops all around the world fighting Terrorists, Keeping the Peach, and performing operations of all kinds, but do you really think they have the time and the internet connections to be on Facebook or a Dating Website chatting with you? Are these the kind of people you are [...]