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What Do Victims Believe? #2

What Do Victims Believe? When Asked If They Believe They Were Scammed By An Individual Or A Team? 55% understood that they were scammed by a team of scammers. 45% believe they were scammed by an individual scammer. Yet Data Shows That Scammers Work In Teams Over 80% Of The Time! That Is How They Are Always Available When The Victim Is! Victims have been scammed, but it doesn't mean the scam ends when the [...]

2016 Dating Scams Report Card

The Year 2015 Saw Record Growth In Romance Scams32% Increase In ScamsA New Victim Every 48 Seconds 2016 State Of Dating Scams Report Card You May Share This Graphic Unmodified - Click Here To DownloadReport Your Scammers! We'll Do The Rest! If you want to report a Scammer Phone Number Click Here or an Email Address Click Here » If you want to do a full report with photos and text messages Click Here » [...]