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We want to let you know what has been happening with us!

Over the last month we have had THREE impact us!

When hit Houston Texas, our team took on of our boats to help rescue people there. Our team spent almost 10 days in Texas to help,

Within days of returning to Florida, we had hit us. Our offices completely shut down, and our team evacuated (except for our Chairman). We lost another couple of weeks in this mess.

Now we have the aftermath of , and several of our people have gone down there with a donated vessel to do what they can, especially on the south side of Puerto Rico.

The impact of all of this has been to totally disrupt our work for most of the last month. Of course our first priority is to our own families and friends. This was the reason for going to Texas, and now Puerto Rico, where our employees have family.


Don’t worry, we all survived these storms (