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SCARS™ Scam Basics:

Why Do They Forget What You Talked About?

Remember that scammers are working many other victims at the same time. Imagine you had a hundred girl or boyfriends – you would never be able to keep it all straight without a spreadsheet. In fact, scammers do maintain careful records of each victim’s details. But they are just human and sometimes they connect to a victim when their laptop is not available.

Another reason this happens is that Scammers work in teams or gangs. They have to have more than one person to be available to a victim 24/7 – especially since they are working victims all over the world.

Why most of the information will be in chat records, that does not mean the scammer who did not have that conversation knows about it. Most victims notice this after a “shift change” where they told one scammer something and the next in line does not know it.

In some cases, the platform makes it difficult to look back to past messages. This is one of those signs that you are dealing with .

Either way, it is one of those red flags that should cause concern.

Thank you to Clair for asking a lot of questions!

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