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SCARS|RSN™ Insight: When Victim Becomes Liar

This Is The Curious Story Of Janessa Brazil As Told By A Victim Commenting On Our Website

Talking About What Victims Do …

We are sorry if this sounds like victim bashing, but some of the things people tell us makes our heads explode!

Of course, this is a desperate plea for attention and we suggest that they seek local counseling or therapy. We mean this with no malice or attempt to put them down, but this is one of the ways the urban legends grow out of control.

It is for that reason that we felt we had to share this!

We received the following comment on our website from a man named Michael who appears to really believe this:

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This is what Michael wrote:

“On March 15, 2018: Janessa Brazil was captured by International Spies to sentence to 50 Years in Concentration Camps in North Korea, Less than 3 months later, Brazil has to attempted to plea to China, or Russia plans to escape to North Korea, Later was recaptured to sent back to prison to North Korea. Then on July 8, 2018 Janessa Brazil was in chained in a Prison Camps. Movements later out of nowhere when North Korea Leader Kim Jung Un was here, Then all the sudden Janessa Brazil was shot in the head. Brazil was killed instantly. Was buried in ashes of hell. Janessa Brazil is gone @ 32 years old.”

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Unfortunately, This Is Something Beyond Our Ability To Help

Our intent here is to help this victim and others recognize that made up fantasies are not going to be believed and that their cry for help needs to be addressed. These need to seek local support and therapy to become whole again.

Meanwhile, Janessa Brazil is happily running her business from beyond the grave on Twitter: https://twitter.com/janessabrazil__ [Warning Adult Content]

Unfortunately, some individuals will make up any story to remain relevant, and this includes in the anti-scam community.

Always be cautious about what you see and who you believe because there is more junk and fake news out there than anything real – or so it seems at times!

Who is Janessa Brazil?

She is one of the more famous porn star/webcam girls whose photos are systematically stolen and used by romance scammers to scam men.