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SCARS|RSN™ Commentary: Stop Just Reading Headlines

How Many Of You Just Read The Post Headline?

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The Answer Is Most Of You!

Not all to be sure. Many of you are interested in the substance of what is happening, but the majority of victims are looking for instant gratification that comes from stories of scammer arrests, or other actions to help you re-establish control in your life. So many victims just want to skim the information that would help them stay safe, instead of actually learning knowledge that they can use to help others as well.

We get 10 times the attention on a page of scammer photos than we do on an article about helping yourself recover from the scam. That is truly sad.

That Sounds Harsh And Insulting, Doesn’t It?

Over the last few years, we have interacted with hundreds of thousands of comments on our social media and websites, and one thing clearly stands out: how few victims actually read the information we present. We know they were there because they commented on a post or article, but they commented on what the HEADLINE said, and not on the article itself. Their comment clearly showed they did not understand the article since headlines many times are a small aspect of the story. Oh, and yes, we read every comment everywhere!

Consider What That Means In The Context Of Being A Scam Victim?

It means that victims are still being attracted to and make snap judgments from small bits of information instead of taking the time to explore and investigate thoroughly.

Isn’t That Exactly What Got Them Scammed In The First Place?

A perfect example is a story we presented here on SCARS|RSN about an Australian Woman who won an appeal to her prison sentence in Cambodia for drug mule charges. The comments were glowing, but since they did not read the story, it does not have a happy ending, since she is still in prison and facing a retrial. The headline was about winning, but the story is far from over – which the commenters would have known if they read it.

We see the exact same thing with the SCARS|RSN™ Guides that we publish to help victims understand what happened to them and how to avoid them in the future. We know exactly how many people read them. This is especially true on Facebook since we can see who is liking and commenting compared to who clicks through to the article. This is not a rant, but a statement of caution.

Victims became scammed because of their lack of attention when they were initiall