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SCARS|RSN™ Guide: How To Interrogate Someone You Suspect Of Being A Scammer

Once You Begin To Suspect You Are Being Scammed Do Not Confront The Scammer That You Suspect

Confronting the scammer is pointless – in fact, it can harm you.

Instead, take some time and confirm it properly through the same interrogation techniques used by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation

First, do not confront the scammer. Let them continue to believe that you are not suspicious. This will keep their guard down.

Why Is This Important?

How you end a socially engineered relationship scam matters for your own emotional state once you finally end the fake relationship. Having a clear confirmation in your own mind is a bit like catching a cheating spouse – no doubt, no arguments, no excuses – you just know and can leave with your head held high.

Do Not Confront

If you try to confront the scammer there will be one of four outcomes, and all them will leave you more traumatized:

  1. The scammer denies the suspicion, act wounded and hurt, and accuses you of bad faith – unfounded jealousy or other instability on your part.
    This is a manipulative technique designed to make you doubt your suspicion – the is a form of Gaslighting. The scammer will claim you are at fault and exclaim their own injury to cause as much guilt as possible. This will be significantly more traumatizing that you need.
  2. The scammer will simply disconnect and block you – giving you total silence.
    This is not so much a form of manipulation as it is futility. Scammers do not waste time on victims (“clients”) that will not provide any more money. So in these case they just end it instantly, leaving you in confusion and doubt about what just happened. This will leave you with doubt and guilt – asking yourself if he was or was not a scammer, and if he didn’t simply want away because of your accusation.
  3. The scammer explodes in anger at you.
    In this case, the scammer explodes in a lengthy stream of verbal abuse. Their intent is to beat you down in the ground. Some victims after having been verbally abused in this way will send more money to the scammer just like an abused spouse will continue to in a relationship out of fear of losing it.
  4. The scammer threatens the victim.
    In these cases, the scammer converts into the psychopath they are and threaten the victim, their family, and friends. Threats can b