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SCARS™ Insight: What Do Scam Victims Believe – Part One

Want To Know What Other Scam Victims Think, Feel, or Believe?

The following are the results of surveys and analysis conducted by SCARS on their social media pages on Facebook and elsewhere, then summarized and analyzed by the SCARS|ANALYTICS division of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

Data presented is as of December 24, 2018

Victim’s Views On Scams & Scammers

QUESTION: Do you think that looking at all of the photos of scammers makes you feel like NOTHING IS BEING DONE about scammers?

Does it make you feel frustrated?

QUESTION: Was your scammer an American Soldier or something else?

Have you noticed that almost all fake soldiers are just that ARMY SOLDIERS? You almost never see Navy Sailors, Marines, Air Force, NASA, or CIA. And they are almost always American, very few Europeans.

QUESTION: What Are You Willing To Do To End Scams?

Do you think that U.S. Foreign Aid should be conditional on West African Governments reducing scamming by 50% per year?

QUESTION: What Are You Willing To Do To End Scams?

Are you willing to donate $20 to a charitable organization to help end scams?

QUESTION: Do you think that anything can really be done to stop scammers without changing the laws or treaties that govern international cybercrime and cybercriminals?

QUESTION: When you look at fake profiles now – does it make you FEEL FEAR seeing those fake faces?

QUESTION: When you look at fake profiles now – does it make you FEEL ANGRY seeing those fake faces?

QUESTION: While you were being scammed did it cause you to distance yourself from your family and friends?

QUESTION: Did your scammer threaten you when you told them you knew they were a scammer and wanted to end it?

QUESTION: At first, did you think that you would be able to get your money back? That someone would get it for you?

Victim’s Views On Social Media & Online Safety

QUESTION: Would you pay $10 a month for Facebook to increase online safety?


QUESTION: How much of YOUR PERSONAL LIFE did you expose to your scammer?

Did you talk about your children, family, jobs, finances, property, etc.?

QUESTION: Do you really think that you can tell the difference between real people and a fake on Facebook?

QUESTION: Are you concerned about the misuse of your data whenever you are required to provide personal information or sen